Help Save Children in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is Africa’s second-most populated country, with a population of 115 million. Ethiopia is the third largest refugee-hosting country in Africa, sheltering over 800,000 registered refugees. With a population of 102.5 million, Ethiopia has a long history of hosting refugees. Today, there are more than 770,000 refugees in Ethiopia, mostly from South Sudan, Somalia and Sudan.

COVID-19 has added significant strain on Ethiopia’s already fragile health system. Combined with the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, the threats to children in Ethiopia are many. 

Located in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is at high risk of climate-induced disasters, including droughts and severe flooding. With over 80% of the country’s population residing in rural areas, families are dependent on rain-fed agriculture for food, income and survival. Even before the pandemic, nearly 7 million people across Ethiopia were severely food insecure.

Poor access to improved water, sanitation, and hygiene is a significant contributor to child undernutrition in Ethiopia. The consequences of malnutrition on health, education, and economic development are significant, and can leave a devastating and permanent impact on a child’s physical and cognitive capabilities. In Ethiopia, 28% of all child mortality is associated with undernutrition (UNICEF).   

Help A Child In Ethiopia

Your support will help us provide lifesaving assistance such as food, water, cash transfers, and safe places for children as people flee the conflict In Ethiopia. Thank you!

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The Challenges for Children in Ethiopia

Children in Ethiopia are reeling from the impacts of extreme flooding, an ongoing hunger crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Results for Children in Ethiopia

A camel library is giving children out of school in some of Ethiopia’s most remote villages a unique opportunity to continue learning, despite COVID-19 school closures.

Our Work for Children in Lebanon

Help A Child’s experts have cost-efficient and highly effective programs that provide education, health, food security, HIV/AIDS prevention and lifesaving care for newborn babies. Through partnerships with local and international agencies, we create stronger community-based solutions coupled with advocacy on a national level. The result means significantly more impact for our programs and their ensured sustainability.

Working closely with local communities in Ethiopia, Help A Child designs child sponsorship programs to help vulnerable children from early childhood to early adulthood — giving them a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm along the way.

Our early childhood programs help prepare toddlers and young children for school by giving them access to quality preschools and early literacy programs. Our programs designed for primary school-aged kids work to transform students into lifelong learners by building strong curriculums and passionate teachers.

Our work with adolescents focuses on that challenging transition between childhood and adulthood, helping ensure it’s a positive one by teaching them money, job and relationship skills. We also provide health education and care to children in need through our school health programs to help children stay healthy, well-nourished and in school.

A healthy start in life

  • Since 2016, we have led the USAID- and Feed the Future-funded Growth through Nutrition project in collaboration with the Government of Ethiopia and partners. This multi-sectoral, integrated nutrition program aims to reduce stunting/chronic undernutrition by 20%. Growth through Nutrition reaches more than 1.5M pregnant women and children under five annually with nutrition services, and 28,000 poor/vulnerable households with additional social and behavior change communication, nutrition-sensitive agriculture, and livelihood support in 120 districts (‘Woredas’) in six regions of Ethiopia. 
  • Growth through Nutrition builds on the achievements of USAID’s flagship multi-sector nutrition project in Ethiopia, Empowering New Generations to Improve Nutrition and Economic Opportunities (ENGINE) (2011-2016).  

Given the unpredictability and rapidly changing circumstances on the ground during an emergency response, there is a chance that the level of funds raised exceeds what is needed to program, or where local conditions prevent program implementation. If this is the case, your funds will be allocated to our Children’s Emergency Fund, which will support Help A Childs’s work to provide immediate, life-saving humanitarian aid to those most in need.